About Parul Dreaming of the Sea

British Artist Parul Tolentino


why am I dreaming of the sea

Beach days, the sound and smell of waves and the feeling of salt on the skin are reminiscent of my favourite moments living in the Middle East and UK. I have sought out the coast whenever I've had the chance and the sea remains one of my biggest loves.

Nature can feel both soothing and absorbing; under the sea seems like another world all together and the biodiversity is just beautiful - and necessary for our health and happiness. 

about painting

Exploring how we feel connected to nature despite our lives of convenience is fascinating to me. I would like to look deeper into the belief that a symbiotic connection between nature and humans would increase our happiness, health and conservation. 

Each artwork incorporates a dreamy colour palette and layers of watercolours in natural forms based on underwater and sea life.

Taking time to draw & paint has helped me to unwind and hold on to a piece of my myself. Now more than ever I am driven to create peaceful moments in the day in order to paint - almost everyday.  

about sustainability

Each original painting is painted on high quality watercolour paper or 90% bamboo paper with high pigment paint with excellent colour fastness.

Every limited edition archival Giclee print is printed on *bamboo paper. 

*There is less water wasted in the cultivation of bamboo than traditional paper. Bamboo starts to regrow as soon as it is cut down and is naturally white, strong & soft so no chemicals are required to achieve this, making it a useful and sustainable natural product.


how did I get here

I was designer for 15 years after studying at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design and then worked in retail consultancy sales. Working in design, marketing and sales my experience always included understanding manufacturing supply chains and retail cycles. 

In 2018, perhaps a little unfulfilled in an extremely commercial role, I started painting daily to relax and then took a course at the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability leadership and have been hooked ever since. 

Elevating my sustainable and ethical standards of consumption is a value I am trying to incorporate into daily work, painting and caring for my family.